Monday, May 23, 2011

i enjoy watching marimar <3

marimar lawaaaaa

untunglah dapat bf hensem *sergio

sergio is damn romantic + body die best + good looking = full package


terlalu obses dengan cerita ni , menyebabkan some of their language, i can memorise 

just simple words .

promote : jangan lupa saksikan marimar di tv3 setiap hari isnin-khamis , jam 3 ptg :) 

that night . .

heyy assalamualaikum :)

that night . .  is the best night ever for us .

i meant it. really

the best thing bout yesterday night that we are not fighting  . .
could it be that we have been like this before .,

(adapted from fall for you by secondhand serenade)

*S , if you reading this post , i would like to thank so damn much to you
for being good with me at least once .

that makes me feel that you are not a bad boy after all .

that night is totally awesome , memoriable and undeniable sweet time
for you and me . *finally 

i do appreciate it so much <3

but yet , i dont have any idea what makes you acted like that 'that night'

you are different from usual .

you are not the one that i know for about few months  *mischievous *.
you prooved me that you are a *two thumbs up * boy :)

you are actually damn kind hearted boy <3 instead of being concerned to me .

still , i was guilty for burdening you so much .
you had sacrificed for me a lot that  night . THAT NIGHT ONLY .

sorry if i was too cheesy  THAT NIGHT .

i hope that night will last more longer ,
 but time keeps creeping from second to second,
minute to minute ,
hour to hour ,

and finally , it was about   **** am when we go to sleep.

i enjoyed that night . truly .
although we did nothing , but i felt that was a precious time
and now it had been sweet memories .

motive : none

<3 <3 <3

that night was the real of me .

pesanan : jangan suka tipu i . sebab i boleh phsycho u . ingat tuuuu .
helah you tak pernah menjadi :)

                                         your only witch animal in the zoo,
                              nadhirah hasan :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

love life

everybody needs somebody to love <3

same goes to me. .

i wish i had . .

a man who are always taking care of me,

a boy who are love me much more than himself,

the one thats always be there for me when i am need them ,

the one thats knows my heart well,

the one thats fight for silly things with me,

the one thats always annoyed me a lot ,

the one thats make me always feel better,

the one thats make me feel special ,

the one thats appreciate me ,

the one thats spend a lot time with me ,

give and take person,

the one that shows his love sincerely,

the one that holds my hand tightly when i am scared,

the one that reluctant to do what i hate them to do so ,

the one thats sing for me before i am asleep,

the one thats make me crazy , 

the one that knows what i need from them, 

the one that shares everything to me instead of listening my probs,

the one thats not selfish . .

i am not seeking forr perfect guy , just love me as well as who i am <3

love you always baby boy :)


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Friday, May 6, 2011

exam hari ni adalah agama

how ?


congrats toooooo shahirah hasan  dapat UITM di kuala pilah

lepas nih , study smart , no more play okay

bagus gak dapat pilah , at least tak lah jauh sangat

and plus,, bole jalannn jalannnnnnnn :)

thats it ,


happy birthdayyy to you ,
happy birthday to youuuuuuuuu,
happy birthday toooo meyraaaaaaaaaaaaa,
happy birthday to youuu <3 !

meyra's birthday (o4o5)
lambat posttt , sorry

okay , now , no more storries.

esok exam kotttttttt ! cuak tak cuak

ohh yeeeee, nak share someting

my ex said me look like a momok in this pic T.T

how sad :(

check this out :

do i look like momok ??
please sayy noooooooooooooo

p/s : singa jantan , nanti i post yang you nak tu okay kat blog . or you nak i post kat umah youuu ??
but i will considered it twice i think hahahahahahah

afif syafwan , i am sorryyyyyyy T.T

so, tu jeeee ,

lepas nih memang jarang sangat lah nak update blog sebab 2 minggu exam

sayyyy good luck to meeee !